Catalyst Kinetics

Our Team

Our Chiropractic Doctors

Team Image

Dr. Trent Wittal

Director of Chiropractor & Naturopathy
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Dr. Zain Mohammed


Our Massage Therapists

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Cody Wilson

Registered Message Therapist
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Julie Nellis

Registered Massage Therapist

Mental Performance Coaching

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Kolin Kriitmaa

Mental Performance Coaching

Our Administration Team

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Graham Duthie

President / CEO
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Amrit Dosanjh

Executive Assistant/Office Manager

Working together does not simply imply we share the same address.

Being dedicated to this non-traditional team approach means breaking down barriers between professions. Each member of Catalyst Kinetics has extensive experience in our professions, and we formed our health clinic and training programs based on a shared passion for pushing the boundaries of our disciplines.

Want to become one of us? We would be more than happy to see you in our team.